Douxlife DL-GD02

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– Duży pulpit do gier o przekątnej 43,3 cala
– Podwójnie zagęszczony projekt
– Powierzchnia teksturowana z włókna węglowego
– Przemyślany, humanizowany projekt
– Kompletne akcesoria


Douxlife follows right behind Blitzwolf in chair and desk releases, and the DL-GD02 certainly looks a bit like a BW, but it has its own charm.

Let me start by saying that we’re talking about a gaming-centered desk, since the carbon fiber textured material coating, and the headphone, glass and controller mounts, doesn’t leave much room to question its gaming nature.

The surface is 110 x 60 x 75cm and has a thickness of 1.5 cm while on the upper left and right side, it has a special slot to pass the cables through. On the back there is a Wire Hub for even better cable arrangement.

As we said, the entire top is coated with a carbon fibre-like material, and in the package you’ll find a very large mousepad. The height of the desk is 75 cm, and it’s based on two Z-type legs that can lift up to 80 kg, so before you climb up to dance a chef’s tummy, remember the belly.

Finally, let me tell you that the Douxlife DL-GD02 gaming desk comes with a controller stand, a headset stand, and a cup holder. ALL of these dear reader, can be yours for just 129.99 USD FINAL price with shipping from the Czech Republic.

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Specyfikacja: Douxlife DL-GD02

Specyfikacja Marka: Douxlife, Model: DL-GD02, Rozmiar: 110 * 60 * 75 cm, Waga: 15,2 kg, Obciążenie: 176 funtów

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