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1: Sonic vibration wipes the floor
2: RR mason 8.0
3: AI structured light obstacle avoidance


Roborock, a company specializing in the development and production of intelligent cleaning robots and other smart appliances, launched the popular Roborock T7 series last year. Compared with the T7, the biggest upgrade of the T7S Plus is the world’s first intelligent lifted sonic vibration scrubbing module “VibraRise”, which is equipped with dual-line structured light active distance measurement and omnidirectional brush module. Floating main brush module, the sweeping and mopping performance will be fully enhanced.

The Roborock T7S Plus is still equipped with three function buttons on the top, which are the recharge button, the sweep/switch on/off button and the partial sweep/child lock button. Press and hold the local cleaning button for 3 seconds to turn on/off the child lock function. After the child lock key is turned on, the robot can not be started in the stationary state of the host key lock, in the state of movement can be suspended by any key. The addition of the child lock key can effectively solve the problem of babies or pets pressing the button to start by mistake.

LIDAR has always been a symbol of high-end sweeping robot, Roborock T7S Plus is also equipped with laser ranging sensor and laser head pressure sensor. At the same time, with the laser range sensor as the core, Stone Technology designed the top edge of the inward ring of water waves, echoing the sonic vibration wiping the ground, with the side and air outlet symmetrical crease design, enriching the whole machine’s sense of hierarchy. In addition, IMR process instead of painting process, and the traditional IMR based on the addition of plating, so that the upper cover of the body is high-gloss and wear-resistant, ideal for use in homes with modern decoration style.

The original AI binocular vision obstacle avoidance on the front of the body has been changed to 3D structured light obstacle avoidance, with laser emitters on the left and right sides, and a black area in the center for the recharge sensor and infrared fill light. There are also collision buffer sensors and sensors along the wall on the side of the body. Many sensors monitor the information data fusion together, equipped with AI algorithm, and finally achieve active distance measurement and accurate obstacle avoidance.

At the bottom of the body, you can see the wiping module that is different from the usual sweeping robots. As shown in the motion picture, the dual-zone mopping bracket is divided into vibrating and non-vibrating areas. The vibrating area is the one that can swing back and forth in the motion picture. The vibrating area is designed with the same width as the main brush, using the cleaning characteristics of the sweeping and mopping robot, the floating main brush sweeps first and the vibrating area mops up afterwards, and the vibrating area can effectively disintegrate ground stains through high-frequency vibrations of up to 3000 times/minute when cleaning.

The T7S Plus has three modes: gentle scrubbing 1650 times / min, standard scrubbing 2300 times / min, and powerful scrubbing 3000 times / min. /min. The higher the vibration frequency per unit range and per unit time, the more times the mop wipes the ground and the stronger the dirt removal ability.

This iteration of the product, Stone Technology also added an innovative automatic lift and wipe module to the Roborock T7S Plus sweeper, which is like a lift that understands your heart. With the support of sensors and algorithms, the T7S Plus can automatically switch between different working states.

The work of a sweeping robot is actually very similar to that of a self-driving vehicle. In a complex and changing environment, how to avoid collisions as much as possible under the premise of more efficient completion of cleaning tasks is still a difficult point that the sweeping robot industry urgently needs to solve. The T7S Plus uses a 3D dual-line structured light + AI obstacle avoidance strategy to effectively detect low-level obstacles such as thresholds that cannot be effectively distinguished by LIDAR, ultimately achieving millimeter-level high-precision obstacle avoidance.

Traditional infrared sensors and ultrasonic sensors, although they can quickly sense the presence of objects, are susceptible to the color, material and environment of the object, and are single-point ranging, which can only obtain distance data in a specific direction and cannot achieve precise obstacle avoidance. 3D structured light solution is based on the principle of using infrared light source, the emitted light is projected on the object after a certain encoding, and these patterns are reflected back by the surface of the object. These patterns are reflected back from the surface of the object, and will be deformed differently with the distance of the object, and the image sensor will capture the deformed patterns. Based on the triangulation method, we can calculate the position and size of each pixel in the photographed pattern, and calculate the distance and size of the obstacle to get the corresponding parallax, so that we can further obtain the depth value.

Thanks to the addition of a new intelligent control lift sonic vibration wipe module, RR mason 8.0 3D algorithm specifically optimized for carpets and wipe scenes. During the cleaning process T7S Plus will represent the carpet location with black shading on the app if it recognizes the carpet, based on the location, size and shape of the carpet, making it easy to effectively distinguish the carpet when cleaning.

After several days of experience, Roborock T7S Plus, the only floor cleaning robot with both sonic vibration wiping and intelligent lifting and wiping system, left a deep impression on me. As a three-in-one product with automatic lift + vibration wipe + electric control water, the robot’s high-frequency vibration function can drive the mopping cloth to wipe the stains clean in the face of stubborn stains, and the electric control water can steadily and continuously moisten the wipe to provide continuous cleaning power. At the same time, the previous need to set the mopping area of the carpet, after adding the automatic lifting wipe module, also do not need to worry about wet mopping wet carpet, the robot can be independent of the carpet for deep cleaning, effectively solving the carpet is not clean this industry problem.

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Specification: Roborock T7S Plus

Specification Brand: Roborock, Model: T7S Plus, Color: White, Material: ABS, Dust Box Capacity: 480ml, Water Tank Capacity: 140ml, Suction: 2500pa, Noise: 58dB, Powe: 58W, Voltage: 14.4V, Working Time: 150mins, Operation Range: about 3-4h, Remote Control: Yes, Schedule Function: Yes, Self Recharging: Yes, Climb Capability: 2cm, Cleaning Modes: SLAM, Automatic Route Planning, Cleaning Area: 250m², Battery Capacity: 5200mAh

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